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Ever since we opened our doors over three decades ago, we’ve always looked for those big ideas that have the power to grow a business. While everything has changed, nothing has changed; we’ve never lost our start-up mentality.


How Workhouse works

While our imaginations may run riot, our thinking is grounded in structured thinking that solves business problems. Our three guiding lights that drive us forward and bring the Workhouse perspective to brand, design and build are:


People powered brands

Brands aren’t simply the sum of what they sell. They’re about the people they touch. Understanding what moves your customers, colleagues and competitors is our starting point. People powered brands don’t just shift product; they change minds – inspire, enrich and build communities.

Modelling and analytics take us so far. The human connection that every brand craves is found in ideas rooted in a truth. Those truths come out of conversations with people, the factory tours and those boots-on-the-ground observations that capture unseen moments.


True perspective

We work to get to know your business, your customers, your market, your pain points and challenges, your appetite and ambition. We look long and hard, we listen, ask, research and dig. We bring our perspective, an unexpected dimension, an imaginative solution that paves the way to reaching your business objectives.

We keep it collaborative, sharing the vision at every point and involving you in the journey, so our approach is collective and inclusive. We all know the problem we’re solving. Together, we have a clear view of what success looks like.


Brand guardianship

A brand that’s confident and fully understands its value can withstand the challenges of an ever-changing world. We work with you to make sure nothing gets lost in translation, ensuring there’s a familiar voice across every channel on the customer journey.

We make it our mission to ensure a brand reacts quickly, has an opinion, shares its knowledge, champions its advocates and rallies behind its customers. No one really knows what lies ahead, but we can be ready. The brands that succeed see the future and seize the opportunities as they come along.

What we do

Change your

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We turn insight into action, creating communications drives growth and gets results.

  • Research & Insight
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Blueprint & Value Proposition
  • Brand Identity & Visual Language
  • Print
  • UX/UI
  • TOV & Storytelling
  • Video & Motion
  • Campaign Strategy
  • CRM
  • Social
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Experiences
  • Print Management
  • Events & Experiential

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