Why the office matters - A view from the Creative Agency

Martin Meadows 2 min read

Businesses in the Creative Industries have traditionally been a little more flexible in terms of workplace environment than the more formal sectors, but we are also seeing a real advantage in embracing the changes we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

Remaining agile and adaptable in our approach has worked well for us. As you would expect, we have plenty of collaborative working space, hot desks, quiet rooms & communal seating areas, all designed to encourage both the collaboration and creative spark required in our business but equally the strategic thinking and more formal processes and activities required.

The ongoing challenge for us has been in developing this environment across both our office and WFH conditions. Investing in the correct technology became non-negotiable quite early on to facilitate these hybrid environments.

But as the story has unfolded, incremental updates to the office interior, creating spaces to cater for our evolving processes and teams have created a constant improvement vibe amongst the agency. This combined with a flexible hybrid working week - with just a few core rules to ensure the correct collaboration on projects, has really enhanced our culture of celebrating individuality and creativity whilst preserving, if not enhancing our productivity.

Additionally we have also benefited from the increase in the talent pool available to us. Our rural location, creative space and agency culture is most definitely seen as an advantage and is an increasingly attractive proposition to previously city-dwelling talent.

Overall, it’s quite simple. The happier everyone is at work, the better quality work is produced. Our office environment is pivotal to that, like holding up a mirror, reflecting out our culture and values. Making sure we celebrate this, taking advantage of the changes, and keeping an open mind has certainly improved our business.

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